Minimum Order
A minimum order of $2,000 is required.  This allows us to efficiently ship and control
cost to customers.

Order confirmations will be sent out at the end of November.

Adjustments and Cancellations
Please make sure all cancellations and adjustments are handled promptly.  We
trust that when you place an order you will honor it.  
Cancellations cannot be
accepted after January 1
, as digging will be in progress at that time.

Claims must be made in writing within ten days of receiving the shipment.  Pictures
must accompany claims over $100.00.  We shall in no case be liable for any sum
greater than the amount originally received in stock.  All claims for damages in
shipment are the responsibility of the carrier.

We reserve the right to substitute one size smaller or larger.

Plant Care
We take great pride in sending out a quality product.  Please water plants upon
arrival and protect them from the elements if necessary.